Kristiansand municipality has chosen M_SOLUTION

M_SOLUTION is through public tender selected by Kristiansand municipality for use in cleaning and janitorial services – a total of 220 users.

Kristiansand municipality wanted a mobile reporting system for their property and cleaning services. M_SOLUTION contributes to safe and efficient reporting of:

  • Time Consumption
  • Driving costs
  • Consumption of materials and parts

The system is integrated with internal systems of Kristiansand municipality.

With Kristiansand municipality, we have more than 1,000 users in nearly 20 municipalities in Norway , Sweden and Denmark.

INSTA800 and Danish Hygiene Standard

M_SOLUTION now supports the latest requirements on a combined measurement of INSTA800 and Danish Hygiene Standard. Our customers have seen an increased demand for quality measurements and have set higher standards for our reporting solutions.

INSTA800 is a Nordic standard for assessing cleaning quality that is developed by representatives from cleaning companies , employers’ organization and trade unions as well as government agencies and other buyers of cleaning services . The standard is currently used as a common tool to, as objectively as possible measure the cleaning quality.

Danish Hygiene Standard is based to some extent from INSTA800 but is more specifically designed for cleaning in the healthcare environment.

M_SOLUTION  mobile app displays the area and quality level when you are logged into a room. The quality level is a combination of INSTA800 and Danish Standards and can be defined individually for each object in the room.

The recording of observations made ​​by tapping the corresponding fields in the INSTA form and assess the current touch areas for the premises in question. You see right away if the quality is held or not.

Reports and summaries appear on the internet , where you can also add additional information .

Coor Service Management implements M_SOLUTION at larger customer site

Coor Service Management is introducing M_SOLUTION as their mobile solution for field reporting of executed patrols at the facilities of a larger customer. By M_SOLUTION Coor can easily and effectively be able to verify that they carried out their patrols for the care and maintenance of equipment at the customer’s facilities on site when it is done. Using Smartphones, NFC tags and a smart interface for monitoring all deliveries to the customer, you get a simple solution for both users and customers that provide high efficiency, safety and quality.

“Being able to report directly on the spot where a customer takes delivery ensures an enhanced quality of our service delivery to our customers,” said Jim Rendahl, contract manager at Coor Service Management AB. “M_SOLUTION has a very complete platform that supports the entire service delivery process and they meet requirements ourselves, our business and our customers place on us,” continues Jim Rendahl.

“We are very proud that Coor Service Managment choose to continue working with M_SOLUTION’s products,” said Bjorn Ludvigsen, CEO of M_SOLUTION. “M_SOLUTION is the market leader in Scandinavia for mobile reporting from people in the field and that Coor Service Management now choose to continue using M_SOLUTION confirm our position.”