We are experienced, talented and creative people who every day contribute to large and small organizations so they can get control, overview and savings in their service deliveries.

About Us

M-SOLUTION AS was established in 2002, based on a project for janitors in Oslo funded by the Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund. At that time, we developed a very innovative mobile operating solution based on web and mobile phones with barcode scanners. Now, over 10 years later, we are a leader in mobile solutions for the facility management industry in Scandinavia.

Our vision is to replace all use of paper and manual procedures by streamlining the flow of information to and from mobile workers. M_SOLUTION simplifies data collection and shares information with all who need it, so that our customers can deliver the best quality and most cost-effective operation.

Our customers provide services in cleaning, facility management, security, quality assurance, home care services , asset management and logistics.

Our products include mobile applications and a hosted web module. The solution is both a planning system and a system for quality assurance and documentation of service delivery. We at M-SOLUTION AS provide innovative and cost-effective mobile business solutions that focus on short training time and high benefit to our customers.


    M_SOLUTION is the result of close and good cooperation with a number of clients with a common goal to create a unique mobile tool for improving the efficiency of key work processes.


    For more than 10 years we have applied the latest technological capabilities of mobile phones to create the brightest, most user-friendly and easily learned apps in the market. By combining smart use of NFC / RFID, camera and GPS M_SOLUTION can streamline field reporting to simple touches and a minimum of keystrokes.


    M_SOLUTION include a number of innovative modules on web and mobile. Together they form a complete system for planning, operation and quality assurance in service companies.


    Know what you want to report tomorrow? Neither do we – that’s why we have developed M_SOLUTION to be easily tailored to meet your requirements for data capture without the help of system developers or consultants . We digitize your forms and ensure that employees always have updated  task lists and access to the projects they are working on.

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