INSTA800 and Danish Hygiene Standard

M_SOLUTION now supports the latest requirements on a combined measurement of INSTA800 and Danish Hygiene Standard. Our customers have seen an increased demand for quality measurements and have set higher standards for our reporting solutions.

INSTA800 is a Nordic standard for assessing cleaning quality that is developed by representatives from cleaning companies , employers’ organization and trade unions as well as government agencies and other buyers of cleaning services . The standard is currently used as a common tool to, as objectively as possible measure the cleaning quality.

Danish Hygiene Standard is based to some extent from INSTA800 but is more specifically designed for cleaning in the healthcare environment.

M_SOLUTION  mobile app displays the area and quality level when you are logged into a room. The quality level is a combination of INSTA800 and Danish Standards and can be defined individually for each object in the room.

The recording of observations made ​​by tapping the corresponding fields in the INSTA form and assess the current touch areas for the premises in question. You see right away if the quality is held or not.

Reports and summaries appear on the internet , where you can also add additional information .